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iDA is AI powered virtual assistant that can help your HR department become more focused on strategy by reducing manual tasks.

Welcome To The World of True Connection

In today’s connected world, nobody simply wants easy access to accurate information. We need immediate interaction available at all times.
iDA is flexible and always available 24/7/365, never gets tired and can handle multiple tasks at the same time. That results in productivity and effectiveness of your staff that can be assessed, measured and addressed real time.



Here’s how iDA can help you manage the Onboarding process

Hi iDA, I'm new in the company
Alright, let's get you started. What would you like to do first?
- Complete onboarding forms
- Sign off on Company policies
- Review Welcome Package
- Training on company products and services

Knowledge Base & FAQ

A knowledge base ensures new hires are trained with the latest information and get consistent guidance. That translates to a better work environment and lower costs.
iDA, I need to book a meeting room
Sure. Let me do that for you.
I want to create a survey for my team.
What's the mood in my team for the last 3 months?
Show me 360 of John Johnson
Who in my team is getting the lowest ratings?

Need custom? No problem. We've got it!

In addition to standard modules, you can get personalized chatbot with custom branding and modules that fit your needs. Let us know what you are trying to solve for and we'll come up with a solution that works best.


Where Employee Engagement Chatbot fits in:
- IT: It simplifies everything from troubleshooting to general how-to and support questions.
- HR: Great for everything from training/onboarding to distributing company policies and pay schedules.
- LEGAL: Helps with contract and other approval processes, policies, trademarks and registrations.

Just ask iDA for

iDA covers many business areas and is growing daily. If there's a specific topic on your mind do not hesitate to reach out - we may be already working on it!

Pulse check

A pulse check is a great, dynamic way to check in every so often and stay up to date with how your employees are feeling, and an even better opportunity to see how what you are doing is being received.

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Onboarding is a comprehensive process by which new employees are socialized into a company’s culture, in addition to being oriented to their specific job tasks.

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Knowledge base & FAQ

A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about a product, service, department, or topic.

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Employee Recognition

Recognition is essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution. A great way to show appreciation for your employees, keep them motivated, and make them stay.

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Easy to use tool that enables Managers to create surveys and distribute them to individuals, teams or entire department.

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Teambuilding Games

All work and no play in never a good thing. Give your employees ability to build a strong team by getting to know each other.

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Simple To Set Up & Use

iDA can be integrated with your existing systems and provide seamless employee and new hire experience in majority of HR areas.



Tell us what HR areas you would like to cover by Chatbot and we'll make sure you get a tailor made system designed for needs of your company and your employees.



We can integrate Chatbot with almost any system: HRIS, Timekeeping, Time Off, Payroll, Ticketing system or Internal Portal.


Awesomeness Ready

Start enjoying benefits: enabling HR professionals to spend less time collecting and evaluating data, and more time acting on it.

Let iDA make your life easier

Allow your HR Team to focus on what really matters.

We are here for you

You are in good hands. Our team consists of experienced HR Business partners, Consultants, Technology Experts, Developers and Customer Care Managers.


We can help streamline your HR processess and build a system that matches your needs.


Experience in multiple integration and development platforms gives us the edge in making sure you are set up in the right way.


We will always be here for you. Our Customer care team will make sure you feel confident in every step of the implementation process.

HR Chatbot Pricing options

Prices are based on flat monthly fee. Please check options in the table below:

Standard Professional Premium Elite
Price € 500 € 1000 € 2000 € 3000
Implementation Options Add iDA to Slack Integration with 1 system Integration with up to 3 systems Integration with up to 5 systems
Knowledge base & FAQ
Pulse Check
Employee Recognition
Teambuilding Games

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